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This website is dedicated in memory of Kathy Voegtlin, co-founder of N.E.E.D., Inc. who passed away June 2009



Norton Embracing Educational Development, Inc., (NEED) is a 501C 3 organization which promotes and supports the development of educational programming in the Norton Public Schools, and encourages standards which are competitive with other school systems in the Commonwealth.


NEED is a non-profit community foundation chartered to fund innovative educational programs and/or technology for the Norton Public Schools. Each year, NEED will award grants that make learning come alive for hundreds of public school students.

NEED will fund grants for projects ranging from those that focus on traditional academic subjects, to others in the visual and performing arts, to science and technology, as well as to programs that promote multi-cultural and community learning experiences. The foundation encourages programs that enhance standard curriculum in order to benefit Norton Public School students. However, NEED grants do not underwrite basic school budget items.

NEED welcomes monetary donations to fulfill our mission. NEED is a 501 ( c ) 3 organization and is able to accept matching corporate funds. For more information please call Treasurer Rachel O'Neil at 508-285-8545.


SQUARE ONE ART FUNDRAISER IS HERE! Students who completed artwork have received their catalog with options of what can be purchased. Your child’s artistry is simply amazing! Money made from this fundraiser will continue to help fund grants that teachers in the system have asked for to help aid our kid’s education. We are grateful for all purchases in past years which has helped us to raise funds.

Tremendous thanks to Mrs. Lisa Ruby-Torres and Mrs. Linda Newman who have supported this project at the LGN, Yelle and JCS. Special thanks also go to Mrs. Greer (NMS) and Mrs. Lewicki (NHS) who assisted interested students at their respective schools. Without their help and support, this project would not be possible. Catalog orders are due to the child’s homeroom teacher by Friday March 28th.

Questions with these orders? Please contact Beth Blakeley.

THANK YOU to the following families and companies who donated to NEED. Their companies also matched their donation and donated it to NEED,Inc.

Rick Marcotte - Novartis
Kathleen Phalen - Harvard Vanguard Medical
Lori Murphy - Bank of America
Marie Thompson - Fidelity

Grant Applications
The 2014/2015 Grant Application is now available.  Please download the form here

2014 Grant Recipients will be formally recognized at the School Committee meeting Monday June 9, 2014 at 6:30pm in the Norton Middle School Library.

Present and Past Grant Recipients

Thank you for participating in our Artwork Fundaiser this year. We raised just over $4600 from people purchasing their child’s great artwork on items. It is with your generosity that NEED,Inc. can provide grants to teachers for great programs/pieces of technology in order to help educate your children in better ways.


Congratulations to the teachers who have received money from NEED,Inc. to fund grants they applied for this spring. They will benefit the children in the Norton Public Schools beginning in the fall of 2013 .
This money was raised from the “Thank a Teacher” and Artwork Fundraisers that were done this past year.

Please click here to see the complete list of present and past recipients.

If you would like to receive information updates:   

Contact NEED.  
Contact Gretchen Directly.  

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