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NEED, Inc. has awarded over $67,000 over the past 8 years!



President  Gretchen Stalters        Vice President  Angel Doyle 

Treasurer  Rick Marcotte              Secretary  Beth Blakeley

Webmaster  Tom Golota, Karen LaCamera

Directors  Donna Ross, Sheila Mackie, Rick Marcotte, 
Lori Hill, Karen LaCamera

NEED Members left to right: Gretchen, Karen, Donna, Beth, Angel

This website is dedicated in memory of Kathy Voegtlin, co-founder of N.E.E.D., Inc. who passed away June 2009

Each year NEED,Inc. has given additional monies to all school art departments and the business Dept at NHS since they have worked with NEED members on fundraising projects done through the school year. Please click here to see the complete list of present and past recipients.

Thus far NEED, Inc has awarded over $67,000 over the past 8 years to teachers to run programs or purchase pieces of technology or equipment that has been requested to help provide great educational experiences for Norton’s children.



This year, NEED raised $5,440 with the Square 1 Art fundraiser!

Children in the elementary schools (JCS, LGN, HAY) will be working on their artwork to be submitted in February in time to place orders for the spring. 

There are many great items that Square 1 Art offers with your child's custom artwork imprint. A few of the many examples are water bottles, mugs, trivets, tee shirts, stickers, iPhone covers, quilt squares, etc. 

Check out Square 1 Art  to see the wide variety of offerings. An order form will be sent home with your child for you to review and place an order with. Each order form will also have a code that you can use to purchase your items online instead.

Your purchased items will arrive in the spring and be handed out to each child in class. They will bring them home to you in their backpacks. If you have very large orders, arrangements can be made for you to pick the items up at the school instead.

Each fall NEED gives money to the Elementary Art teachers at the JCS/LGN/HAY to help with the purchase of art supplies.

Questions with these orders? 
Please contact Beth Blakeley at


THANK YOU to all the families who "Thanked your Teacher" in June, 2015. We were able to raise approximately $2,425 and teachers received a nice Thank You card with the names of all of the families who donated in that teachers name.


A very special thank you to Michael Epstein of Horizon Beverage who graciously donated $3500! We hope to partner with Horizon in the future!

Thank you to Dr. Baeta who provided a matching grant of $2500 from the revolving fund.

Thank you to the JCS/LGN/HAY/NMS/NHS parent organizations for your help this year with partially and fully funding some of the grant requests that came to NEED. Because of your help, Maryan Welch at the JCS will be able to purchase items needed for her photo program for her classroom, and Alicia Silva at the LGN will get a chick incubator for her classroom so she can show/teach what is required for the science curriculum.

If you would like to receive information updates:   
Contact NEED at nortonneed@gmail.com
Contact Gretchen Directly at camtwins@comcast.net 


$535 grant awarded to Jerusha Bjork (LGN), Jennifer Ryan (JCS), Emilie Packer (OT) and Michael Manske (NMS) for a small and large stability ball pilot program for their classrooms.

$900 awarded Brittany Conley (NHS) for purchase of DVD course materials to aid in the management of at-risk students using a “Love and Logic Classroom” program to help both teachers and guidance work with struggling families/students in Norton-hoping to reduce the dropout rate.

$2,017 awarded to Cheryl Mulligan (NMS) for an “Interactive Science Assessment” Using a CPS (Classroom performance system) students are given a “clicker” which enables them to answer questions to help with testing/give feedback immediately to them and the teacher to see how they are understanding material.

$900 awarded to Kim Zajac and Carol Clark, both Speech Therapists in the Norton Public Schools for the purchase of iPads and speech/language therapy apps for kids and staff.

$4,495 awarded to Eric Beard (NMS) will be getting an interactive projector for the classroom to replace his broken/outdated Smartboard.

$1,580 awarded to Kayla Sweed and Aaron Sumner (NHS), who will be doing a collaborative program between the STEP program and Business Dept. They will be purchasing items needed to update the DECA store to sell Norton items/school supplies for a self sustaining business model (supply cases, cash register and stand, etc).

$300 awarded to Martha Godfrey, Spanish teacher (NHS) who will be getting money from both the NHS Parent Board and NEED to purchase items for a Spanish Art Gallery that the Honors Spanish students will be making of artists they are learning about.

$656 awarded to Susan Cashton (HAY) will receive headsets with microphones for her computer lab


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